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Gerald Painter of Great Falls, Montana has been carving for about seven years. His love of wildlife and attention to detail is apparent in each of his sculptures. The subject matter of most of his carvings are birds but his fish are also popular with collectors. He is perhaps best known for his miniature wildfowl which have earned him top honors at numerous shows across the country, including the Ward World Show in Ocean City, Maryland. The "Ward" show is the biggest carving event of its kind, attracting the best wildfowl carvers from all over the world. At the 2009 show Jerry placed first in all three miniature songbird categories and second and third best of show in the miniature category.

To compete at the top level shows the artist must follow certain guidelines established by the International Fish and Wildfowl Carvers Association. All elements of the sculpture must be hand formed by the artist. No found objects like rocks or driftwood may be used; if present in the sculpture they must also be carved. If an object is too fragile to be carved from wood it is acceptable for it to be made from metal by the artist. The guidelines are not set to limit creativity but to ensure that wood carving retains its fine art status.

Jerry's sculptures are carved from a wide variety of wood. Each variety of wood has its pluses and minuses. Some varieties, like holly, dogwood, and apple wood, hold detail better than others but are only available in small sizes. Other varieties, like tupelo and basswood, are readily available for larger projects but can be quite variable as far as quality goes. The varieties mentioned are used when the finished sculpture is to be painted. Jerry finishes these sculptures with acrylic paints. Some of the wood Jerry has used for natural finish projects includes cherry, walnut, blood wood, maple, lignum vitae, and ebony.

Hours of observation and planning go into the creation of each sculpture. The collector of Jerry's work can rest assured that each piece is a unique work of art that is not only beautiful but anatomically correct, down to the last detail. A limited number of commissions are accepted but the majority of sculptures come from Jerry's personal observation of wildlife in their natural surroundings.

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